Thursday, May 26, 2005


On my never-ending rage about last semester, I completely forgot to mention AI! I'm super happy that Carrie got it. All along I thought it would be Bo cause he was the only white male left, but Carrie wanted it more. She deserves it. And besides, Bo will get a contract any way and perhaps he'll have one where he'll receive a little bit more credibility that he would have as an Idol Whore (that's what I like to call those who have been trapped by the AI people, to do exactly what they please and never see half the money they should for it). Carrie will make a willing Idol Whore...this I'm almost positive of.

la dee dada

Since I'm bored as hell, I figured this was as good a time as any say what a great semester I had. I'm sad it had to end. Honestly, I wasn't expecting such a fun time. My one and only roomie, Gina was leaving me and I had never had a random roommate before. Plus, Gina's my best friend so it would be weird not having her around. But I think her going to Holland, and leaving me to my own devices was a good thing.

I got much closer with Marky, not that we weren't close to begin with but you get the point. Things were rocky but you know what? It's only because the friendship was so important to both of us that either one of us cared enough to complain about something the other one did......alright, I'll admit it. I was the one doing most of the complaining lol So what? I'm a chick, complaining about things is in my nature!! Anyway, we spent a great deal of time together and it's good he's moving away for the summer because it will give us a fresh new start, and it will give him a fresh new mindset (which I think we both know is something needed). Of course I'm sad that he's leaving, but I know we'll have a whole other year to see eachother pretty soon. And besides, I might go down to the jolly ol', purple state we call Florida (I call it purple because although it does usually go to the Republicans, all the people I've ever spoken to from Florida are very anti-Bush especially those crazy seniors. Hence, red and blue mixed make purple. Voila!)

I got to experience having a new roommate, which I anticipated being terrible. And you know what? It wasn't at all. Her name is Michelle and she's a really nice person and very easy to talk to. I'm glad I met her and I could help her get through her first semester away from home.

I met some awesome NEW people....
Mark Mihop and Hallie came into my life which is great because they are wayyy cool people. They are both so unique. I feel like Mark's always thinking about something interesting and I'm really glad we got to hang out so often. And Hallie is an awesome girlfriend to have around. I'm just really sorry that we didn't get to see each other often enough, I feel.

I met Brandon, who happens to be in my exact major. We sat in a classroom for a full semester and said not one word to eachother. And thanks to a combined effort by the Marks, we finally met and the rest is history...or is it really IR? lol Hmmm in any case, I'm glad to have found a totally great person who can relate to all the problems I'm having with classes or teachers or help me get through an awful class that we both have to take! We have a lot in common (as well as some differences) and I think that's what will keep us friends for a while, and not just on a school-based level but also a real friendship. I'm real glad I met Brandon too, otherwise I wouldn't have met the wonder that is James! haha I don't think I have met a person in such a long time who has so many amazing stories to tell. I always pride myself on my stories and my story-telling abilities (kinda slly, I know) and when someone who has such a history comes along, I snatch up opportunies to talk to that person any chance I can. That's just what James is like...he intrigues me. He makes me want to know more lol

I've also grown closer with some past friends....
Caitlin, of course, and Kara have both been a bigger part of my life this semester. I'm glad that things between Caitlin and I have come to work out the way they have. I know I'm pleased with the outcome of things. Friends grow and change and that does not mean that they can't stay close anymore and Caitlin and I have proved that. I look foward to a grand year on the second floor of Bliss Hall. I'm MORE than happy that Kara and I have gotten the chance to develop our friendship. She's a totally awesome girl who plays hard when it comes to partying and can sit down and have an in-depth discussion with you when the time calls for it. I admire that in her. I hope we can only get closer this last year we have in college together.

I hope that for all my friends, as of now. I 've weeded through some bad ones, crazy ones (VERY crazy ones). I may have lost one or two along the way but that's just how the cookie crumbles. Life goes on because I know that we weren't meant to be friends in the first place. Either because they're a dipshit or because I'm a dipshit lol Whichever way it happened, I feel no remorse and I personally, do not see myself as the dipshit.

Well, now that I've wasted about an hour, I'm going to get off this crazy machine. It's getting a bit hot for my liking and we all know what happened when my computer got too hot last time................yep that's right, the crazy ass Compaq would shut down. Although I don't fear that for this lovely Dell laptop, I don't want to piss Emmett off (That's my comp's name. I wanted to give it something happy and bright and Emmett from QAF was the first thing I could think of. My last computer's name was Stupid Asshole and blame that as the reason why it was always pissed at me. So I tried something different this time around)

Friday, May 20, 2005

home, yes i am

I'm watching this very interesting Discovery show about the CIA and US intelligence capabilities. Sure, that's great but wanna know the best part? The narrator is Skully from X-Files! YESSSSSSSS!!! I love it!

Back to the matter at hand....I haven't written in here in almost a week. Mostly because I had finals since Tuesday and I've been busy writing papers and studying. But that's over now, and I packed all my shit up and drove home this afternoon. I had to suffer without my IPod, damnet! I thought it was broken because it wasn't turning on or charging. Turns out I just had to reset the mofo. But I was still stuck with crappy Z100 the whole way home. Kinda got lost actually. Well, not lost, just took a detour through Connecticut real quick. I was rocking out to Destinys Child when I realized that was way too much traffic at 2PM and the exit for Greenwich was coming up. Sure, I wasn't watching the signs but you'd think that I would have seen some kind of "Welcome to Connecticut! Home of Mystic Aquarium and snobby people! " sign or something. I don't think it was there because I really think I would have noticed that.

So yesterday Brandon took me to the waterfalls up in the mountains. So fucking amazing...I could have stayed there forever. We plan to go back over the summer, and I plan on bringing other people there next semester. I'll post some pictures for my many readers lol

I'm relaxed again, just after looking at the pics

Sunday, May 15, 2005

decisions, decisions....

There comes a time in every girl's life when she must decide whether to chase after the straight boys, or chill with the FABULOUS ones...I've made up my mind! : ) What a fab night....Marky, James, and Ms. DIIIVVAAAAA, muahhh!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005


I was just reminded by Gina of another very funny incident that happened on the trip to Italy...Since we were basically backpacking, we couldn't really fit much. I mean, we only had like three different shirts to wear for an entire week. I can recall wearing the same pants in every picture. So there really wasn't much room for big dressy shoes, or maybe something like a towel?? Turns out that the first hostel we were in, in Rome had towels for us and we were all set. That was an amazing hostel. Wellll our hostel in Venice was pretty ghetto. That shit closed for the night at like 11pm and you were stuck on the sidewalk if you weren't back by then. It was like freakin bootcamp. So anyway, it was Gina, Nicky, and me in our hostel in Venice. This was where we realized that they didn't supply us with towels in this one...we should have known! For god's sake, they make you pick up your own sheets from the office and make the bed yourself!!! So we wound up showering for 3 days with one towel which was Nicky' if that's not bad enough, it was the size of a dishtowel. Yep, three girls showered with a dishtowel for three days in a bathroom with old, naked Italian ladies walking around.

Oh yea, and I forgot to mention how there was this creepy guy who worked at the hostel and he would walk through the girls' wing of the place while everyone was changing in the morning. He caught Nicky once or twice half naked and he would just walk through like it was nothing. I can recall seeing him in the girl's bathroom as well. Oh many great stories from Italy. If I'm motivated I'll share more later. But here's a comment from someone who didn't want to sign up to comment (I didn't know you had to sign up for this shit to comment!! I'd like to think that's the reason none of my friends have commented :( lol )

dear melissa, it is hardly imaginable that we have done such things... but you forgot a very important part...the italian men...the towel hem... yes you know. well you know everything cause youre you! and i love every piece of it. <8 Gina

What a doll...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

story time, kids!

I've decided to tell funny/crazy/fab stories from my first college semester. Why? Just because I want to. Yes, I know I said in my last entry that I was going to be crazy busy. Well, I got some essays done faster than I thought I would so therefore, I'm giving myself the night off. I'm going to retell some of my most favorite memories from when I was abroad in England for a semester, in the order that they come back to me.

  • November 5, 2002, Gina's 18th birthday night. That was a crazy night. Tons of aftershock was involved and if you've ever had this drink, you know what it tastes like: MOUTHWASH! I swear, it's like drinking winterfresh mouthwash. And if you don't like winterfresh, you can always get peppermint of cinnamon flavor. It's repulsive and I really don't understand why we thought it was so cool to drink that shit. In any case, there were pitchers of Sex On The Beach (which I think is quite overrated, if you ask me) along with tons of mouthwash. And see, we went with these boys that were quite....hmm what's the word....attractive? good looking? GORGEOUS???? Yes..that's the word, gorgeous with sexy British accents and very metro outfits, buying us lots of drinks. Gina and I MIGHT have been flirting a little too much and we MIGHT have even started grovelling at their feet to come with us to a club. They didn't....I look back now and if I was them, I would have done exactly the same thing they did; drive our drunk asses to the club, drop us off, and zip away at a speed somewhere way over the limit. After leaving said club, we MIGHT have peed in some bushes right by the Thames, but this I cannot confirm.
  • October 8, 2001, MY 18th birthday night. Yes, for those of you who know me, the 8th isn't my birthday. But it was fun cause I turned 18 while we were at this club called The Works. To make a long story short, Gina knew this guy, Ken, who was really into the club scene in the area and he knew EVERYBODY. I mean, everybody. He walked us from the back of the line, right to the god damned front. It was like VIP treatment. People didn't even check our IDs, and Gina was still 17. Wanna know how cheap and sleazy we were? I brought a few Schnapp's in my bag and we drank them in the stall of the bathroom when we got inside. Gross, I know. What's even better is we remembered to bring a bottle opener, if my memory serves me correctly. And we were worried people were going to think we were fucking around in the stall, so I had to stand on top of the toilet seat. Regardless of me hiding, people were going to think Gina was a drag queen considering she was standing, facing the toilet the whole she was peeing. Quite humorous. Anyway, Ken had the DJ say my name over the loudspeaker at midnight and it was tons of fun.
  • Halloween night, now that was funny. Jackie, Gina and me were throwing eggs out of my 3rd floor kitchen window at random people. Funny enough, it wasn't so random because we actually threw one at one of our flatmate's dads who was visiting from America. I believe me and Jackie attempted to go to Hog's Head (the closest Pub) as well, but it was empty. So we drank a pint and Jackie put the glasses in the sleeves of her arms. She looked like freakin pop-eye with two big biceps. The bartenders never said anything to us about that though. We came home and proceeded to do as stated above. Only, we got bored of that and decided it would be even funnier if we called security on the fuckers outside who were actually have fun. We were bored out of our minds and had nothing to do...and quite frankly, we were a bit jealous they were so wasted and having such a good time. Security came and broke up their party....that was the highlight of MY night (probably because I really despises most of the people out there).
  • I can't remember why we were doing this, but we did. I had cooked almost a whole pound of pasta one night and didn't really eat much of it. For some odd reason, we thought it would be hilarious to throw the cooked, wet, mushy, sticky pasta onto our friend Chris' car from the third floor kitchen (yet again). So Gina and Jackie proceed to throw the pasta on the hood of this kid's car. I'm hysterical, nearly peeing myself on the other side of the kitchen and they are aimlessly throwing this pasta right from the pot, out of the window in the general direction of his car, without even looking. I finally get a hold of myself and look out the window, only to realize that they have thrown a pound of cooked pasta onto some body else's car! Jackie, being the caring person that she is, forced us all to go wipe it off. But somehow it turned into a pasta throwing fight. By this time, the pasta is drying and it's sticky and nasty. That shit was everywhere. It was sticking to leaves which were sticking in my hair. It was repulsive. And we were loud...the whole damn complex were staring out their windows watching us stupid Americans have a good old food fight in a pile of leaves. Fun times...
  • Going to Stansted airport to go to Rome. I know it's kinda silly to put the trip to the airport on here instead of the actual trip in Rome, but you have to know exactly what happened. It was ridiculous. For starters, if you've ever travelled in Europe you know exactly what their airfare is like. If you fly with the little companies, you can pretty much get a flight for free. We found a flight to Rome, and back from Venice for almost 100 Euros I think? That's fucking cheap...that's like flying to Florida one way. We bought those tickets real fuckin fast. Now, for such affordable prices you think we wouldn't expect this to be an A+ airline. Nope, we still expected it to be fab. Silly kids...we got a taste of exactly how great this airline is when we realized how we would have to get to this airport. There are a few major airports in and around London; you have Heathrow, the main one, Gatwick, and then there's Stansted on the outskirts of London. Sure, on the map it looks real close to Central London. No no's not. I should have have to take a train for 25 minutes to central London, then an underground to GET to the underground that will take you to Heathrow. Now, this tube was LONG....I think it took me almost an hour and 15 minutes on that last subway. In total, it took probably 2 hours to get to Heathrow from Kingston, which is where we were. And that shit is located the closest to central London. That's besides the point...what I mean to say by all this is that Stansted airport is NOT close to central London, in ANY way. On with the real story...when we were planning our trip, we were trying to figure out how the hell one gets to this airport by public transportation. WELLLLLL...let me tell you, it is not fun. From Kingston, you must take the train to Clapham Junction (about a 15 minute ride), which will bring you to the Underground system. From there, you must take a tube to another station, whose name I can't recall, on the outskirts of Central London (another 25 minutes). Here, you must walk to the bus station (10 minutes) and catch a coach bus that goes directly to Stansted airport. In the brochure, it says this bus will take approximately 45 minutes. I'll tell you the realities of this all in a you have to admit that this even sounds bad in theory. SO we get all of this figured out. Just putting this all together was exhausting!! We had to look up all the departure and arrival times for these trains and buses. Everything is going to work out well, because we have an 8AM flight so we could get some sleep and leave about 4AM and still have plenty of time to get there. Hmm, it seems that the last train running out of Kingston, stopping at Clapham Junction is at 11PM and the next one starts at 6AM. Well, shit. We're going to have to take the 11PM otherwise we won't make it on time for our flight. And that is how we wound up staying overnight, on the dirty, cold, hard floors of Stansted airport. So the train rides were about as long as we expected...only problem was we didn't foresee the waiting time between trains. Add on an extra half hour for that. We also didn't realize how difficult it would be to find the bus station once we got out of the underground. Nor did we really comprehend how badly this was going to hurt our wallets...we could have put the money we spent on transportation to the airport towards a ticket that left out of Heathrow! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Also, don't ever trust bus people...they lie. It actually takes an hour and 15 minutes to get to Stansted airport, not the 45 minutes we were told. Tricky bus company employees. Figure about 3 and a half hours travelling time to get to this damn airport. I was already exhausted by the time we got there. I was ready to head back to my bed in Kingston. But I was forced to lay on the floors of this skeevy airport till 7 in the morning. There were about 8 of us, all going on the same flight (we split into 4's after the flight) so we proceeded to lay our coats down and sleep onto of them, all in a sort of spooning position. It was the only way to keep warm on a cold November night. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much and wound up walking around the airport in socks with a few of the girls, praying for 6 hours to pass in a matter of seconds. Although, we did find a nice carpet to snuggle up on in front of the baggage check-in. We were also removed from the area shortly after getting comfortable. 7AM did come, and we still had not yet experienced ALL the joys of flying cheap. After not sleeping for a night, I was absolutely delighted to realize that the plane was so ghetto we had to walk out onto the runway and up the stairs that fold into the plane when it's ready for take off. I'd say there were about 40 people on that plane. You had to walk through the aisle sideways, it was so small. Three seats on one side, two on the other. Yep, I got stuck sitting in the middle to my dear friend Jackie and the cheapest, most idiotic girl I've ever met (she got a new boyfriend in every country we went to. Oddly enough, they all looked exactly the same. Presently, she's wandering around Prague...probably with some guy that looks exactly like the others). I can't explain how frightened I was of planes at this time. I drugged myself on Dramamine and proceeded to pass out and flop my head around while sleeping, like one of those idiots you just want to smack around cause they look so stupid. Come to think of it, I was probably drooling too. That fucking plane finally landed, I got my damn passport stamped, dragged my ass to yet ANOTHER bus station because this crappy airline only flies into airports that are 3 thousand miles away from the city center, got on another subway, which took us to a train, which brought us to the main station, and from there had to walk to our hostel. It was the only good part of that morning for me...that hostel was awesome. We had amazing beds, which I believe we napped in right away. When I awoke from that lovely nap in the wonderful city of Rome, I thought it was time I brush my teeth (since I hadn't done so in about 24 hours). I went to the sink, which was so conviently placed in our room, right next our window which had a fab view of Rome, and everything in the world seemed so right at that moment....I pick up my toothpaste, put it on my toothbrush, and almost in slow motion I look into the mirror above the sink, only to realize I had the biggest curly afro I had ever seen in my entire life. I believe I yelped a little and covered my hair with my hands, as if a thousand and one people hadn't already seen it. God knows how long I had been walking around like that..with my luck, probably since the first nap in Stansted. And this is why all of the pictures taken in Rome have me with my hair in an ugly bun. Because I had a huge, nasty, almost dread-like fro. So the lesson to this long-ass story? There are a few....1. If paying top-dollar means you're going to be convienced, DO IT. 2. Sleeping on floors lowers your status in society AT LEAST one notch. 3. When backpacking, pack efficiently and only what you need; I would say that a good ponytail holder and a mirror are a neccessity.

PS - I have a picture of myself, walking towards down the runway towards the plane. It's a view from the back and you can see exactly how bad this hair is. I remember actually asking Gina who that girl with the huge hair in the picture was, only to realize it was myself. I'll scan it once I find it....shudderrrrr


Sooo many papers....soooo little time. I will be in a perpetual state of studying for the next 3 days. Life will suck. I will see very little of my friends. My head will be on the verge of exploding. My stomach will be growling. And like I said, life will suck. Only good things I have to look forward to are Wave on Saturday and this semester being over. Well, I'm off to the mall for to find an outfit for my sister's Confirmation. This is my last outting for a it better be good. I know my girls will make it fab! lol I miss my boys. I haven't really hung out with them in a while. So boys, if you're reading this...fucking hang out with me!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Just hangin around

One more class left and I'm a senior in college. Scary thought, it really is. Besides classes, I didn't do much today...had lunch with the gang, hung around with Brandon, went to class. It was the usual Tuesday schedule.

Idol tonight...I'm nervous. I'm really rooting for Vonzell cause she's so awesome but I don't think she's going to win. I have this theory that a white guy is going to win this year. We had Kelly Clarkson, white girl. Ruben Studdard, black guy. Fantasia Barrino, black girl. This means that a white guy has to win...I think it will be Bo Bice. Anthony isn't good enough but Bo and Anthony do have pretty big fan bases. I think Bo has that fresher feel though...he's not the classic American Idol and that's what people like. Carrie won't win, but I think it will come down to her and Bo. She'll get a record deal, regardless though. She'll be like the next LeAnn Rhimes.

Got some busy times ahead...I have 4 essays to write for next Tuesday. Life will suck Thursday through Saturday. Doin' the Wave thing on Saturday. Always an interesting boy squad is going. Hopefully my girls will go too. I need to wear this new shirt. I'm DYING to!!!!!

Before I go, let me leave you with a little advice....there are two meanings to the word "trick". hahaha

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Last night was a blast! Mark Kanter had an "Anything goes but clothes" party. So being as creative as we are, Caitlin, Portnoy, Mihop, and I decided to wear togas. Best day of my life because I've always wanted to go to a toga party!! Why? I don't really know. But it was awesome. There were some other creative costumes there...everyone looked hysterical. I added some pics too...